Wyrm Claw Exemplars are rigid adherents to the Cult of the Burning Star. Where it serves the interest of their master, Exemplars range far from their lairs to recover artifacts of great value. They will even grudgingly work alongside other Heroes - as long as they don't look too closely under the Exemplar's huge helmet.



The Wyrm Claw Exemplar is mostly a tank, with Immune: Knockdown on top of his ARM, and can even buff his team with Hightower (Aura3 +1W ARM Immune: Knockdown). His AOE, Burning Blade (Sweep1 +1R STR Fire AP2) is a compromise between a focused and AOE attack, making it very versatile. His Potion basically traps one doorway and deals a hit to the first monster through it equal to his STR, which is interesting but not super-destructive. 

Alternate Profile

Ser Snapjaw

Available Through

Ser Snapjaw Expansion