Von wilding
Generations ago the Von Wilding family saw the destruction of their family estate and a curse put on their entire line by Baron Von Drakk. The family's fate was meant as a grim warning to any noble family who dared to oppose the Baron. Now, sworn to the life of a slayer, successive generations of Von Wilding travel Crystalia searching for clues that will allow them to remove their curse and end Von Drakk's blighted reign over their homeland.

Stats Edit

Gameplay Edit

Note his impressive 2 Red STR. Thanks to his whip his basic melee attack has a range of 2 squares. His ARM is the solid average of 3 Blue.

Von Wilding can carry 2 potions. This goes well with his Potion Master ability that allows him to use 2 potions per activation. He also has two potions himself:

Holy Water, is a support potion. Support potions act just like a support action. This one has a range of 6 squares and inflicts the status effect Bane, which forces the model to discard the highest result when making a defense roll. Perfect for softening up tough monsters.

Holy Oil, is an offensive potion, so acts like an offensive action and will inflict a wound. Holy Oil also has a range of 6, but instead of a generic range icon it has the sword icon, indicating that the model uses their STR when making the offense roll. It also has Burst 1 so it will hit every model within 1 square of the target. Then, just to add insult to injury, it lights them on Fire. Ouch!

Moving back up the card to look at his two unique actions, we see that Soul Whip is an offensive action that cost 2 action points. The sword icon indicates that it uses the STR attribute and has a range of 2 squares. It also adds +1 red dice to his STR, for a total of 3 red dice. If it wounds the target it chills their soul and they suffer the status effect Ice meaning they cannot use unique actions.

Crack the Whip is a support action. The bright blue flag indicates that it is an augment so it can only be used on friendly models. It has a range of 2 squares and allows Von Wilding to move the targeted friendly model 2 squares in any direction. Get over there!

Available Through Edit

Von Drakk Manor

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