Von wilder

Through rigid study and discipline the Von Wildings seek to tame their inner beast. though not entirely successful, they have become very adept at aiming their wilder side in the right direction.

Stats Edit

Gameplay Edit

Von Wilder bumps up the speed with 8 movement points. He also bumps up the the attack output with 2 blue dice and 1 red dice, which averages a touch higher than Von Wildings 2 red, plus gives him the ability to roll wonderful hearts! His melee range remains 2 squares thanks to his long wolf arms, but his defense goes down. He can't be bothered with protection when he's all wolfed out.

However, he does gain the Tough ability which allows him to heal one wound during his upkeep at the beginning of his activation.

As a werewolf Von Wilder is a simple creature with a single offensive action costing 1 action point, Shag Fest. The little skull and crossbones means the action is dangerous so will hurt both friendly and enemy models. The sword lets you know it uses his STR attribute. Sweep 1 is the area effect. A sweep allows him to hit 4 squares adjacent to him along a single line. So if you're not worried about beating up your buddies Von Wilder's preferred course of action is nonstop Shag Fest. Ah-Woooooo! er....ah-hem.

Von Wilder also has a single potent potion, Lycanthropy. Since it is green it is an emergency potion and can be used during the Consul Turn. The wavy blue flag indicates that is an augment so only friendly models can benefit from it. Regenerate allows you to roll a single blue dice for every wound token on your card. You can remove one wound token for every star you roll. Frisky!

Available Through Edit

Von Drakk Manor

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