Von Drakk

Von Drakk: Classic Mode

Von Drakk has despoiled his homeland like eternal plague.  Once teeming with life the moorlands are now a haven for witches' covens, foul swamp creatures, and the unquiet dead.  Von Drakk cares not, so long as his manor retains its splendor and his dark appetites remain sated.

Classic Stats

Boss Spawn

Halloween: Replace all Bone Pile tokens with models with the Bone Pile ability from the spawning pool.


Succumb: All heroes suffer Bane.

Arcade Stats


Classic Mode

Von Drakk is a quick one with 8 movement points, and a boss standard of 4 action points.

His STR of 2 stars and 4 blue dice has the capability to dish out a lot of punishment. It is further enhanced by his Blood Drinker ability which lets him use any hearts he rolls to heal himself—just like a Hero! Nasty. This is especially important because Von Drakk clocks in with the lowest Hearts total for any Dungeon Boss at 6.

Von Drakk’s ARM is poor but he rarely uses it since he can make defense rolls using his super high DEX of 3 red dice.

As is fitting, Von Drakk is a master of the Undead and he has a whole host of 1 action point support actions that let him control his undead minions.

Army of Bone lets him Raise all bone piles within 3 squares. What’s a bone pile? When a skeleton from the Shallow Grave spawning point dies it leaves behind a bone pile. Raise lets the Consul replace the bone pile with new skeletons from the spawning pool. No spawning required!

Ghostly Vigor gives all undead within 3 squares +1 blue dice to their STR. Skeletons, Zombies, you name it. Even Von Drakk himself.

Thriller lets Von Drakk move all undead within 3 squares, 3 squares in any direction. Once again, that includes himself. Von Drakk loves a good undead dance.

Finally Hypnotic Gaze is not an augment and targets the Heroes instead, causing the status effect Slow on any Hero affected.

Arcade Mode

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Available Through

Von Drakk Manor