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None know where the Twilight Knights come from. Most whisper that they arrive from the Dark Realm itself, and that they are the last, and only, Heroes from that benighted realm. Appearing only when situations are at their most dire, they drive back the shadows only to disappear as silently and mysteriously as they arrived.



At a casual glance it is easy to dismiss the Twilight Knight the moment you look at her combat stats. However, the Twilight Knight has a number of abilities that, with careful use, can dictate the flow of the game in dramatic ways.

Her STR is low for a Hero at a mere 1 blue and 1 red. However, this low STR is modified by two key items. The ability Feint forces any model she attacks to reroll their highest die result when making a defense roll. (Arcade: Reduce ARM by 1 star.) She also has the offensive action Piercing Blade, which at one action point hits two models allowing her to move about the combat dispatching paired monsters.

For defense the Twilight Knight can use her DEX of 3 blue, which is "Hero average".

Gloom Shatter is the Twilight Knight's signature ability, and requires coordination with the rest of the party since it is Dangerous, affecting both friendly and enemy models. With an Aura 2 area effect, it covers a wide area, but does not affect the Twilight Knight. The blinding brilliance of Gloom Shatter reduces all offense rolls made by 1 star. Which seems minor, until you consider the vast number of monsters that have only 1 star for their primary offense attribute. Gloom Shatter neutralizes their threat completely. This is incredibly powerful since it severely reduces the ability for the consul to chip away at Heroes.

On a similar note, her potion Lamplight is a wave 5 area affect that destroys all traps and creeps within the area. Paired with Gloom Shatter, Lamplight allows the party to block out monsters and threats that are "distractions" and focus on larger threats.

Available Through

Twilight Knight Expansion