Super Ninja Ambush! is a deluxe crossover warband that is playable in games of Super Dungeon and Ninja All-Stars. Featuring three ronin useable as Super Dungeon Heroes, four Elemental Shrine spawning points, eighteen ninja, and two monstrous oni mini-bosses, Super Ninja Ambush! expands player options with exciting ninja adventure like no other!

Thanks to unique team building elements, Super Ninja Ambush! is incredibly versatile. Players can use all the included miniatures to create Ninja All-Stars themed games of Super Dungeon, use the included air and earth ninja in games of Ninja All-Stars, and even hire out any of the three ronin for their clans in standard and league play games of Ninja All-Stars. 

Both novice and advanced players will enjoy the wide range Super Ninja Ambush! offers. Ninja Division Publishing is also committed to the growth of Super Dungeon with thrilling expansions and also greatly supports organized play communities of Ninja All-Stars with an impressive array of tournament and league kits that feature unique narratives and fun prizes for participants. Whether playing amongst friends or family, Super Ninja Ambush! is sure to be a hit with all!

 Models Edit

  • 1x Mochizuki (Hidden Shrine Infiltrator)
  • 1x Komuso (Hidden Shrine Mystic)
  • 1x Momotaro (Hidden Shrine Master)
  • 2x Oni
  • 4x Elemental Shrines
  • 2x Chunin
  • 2x Madoushi
  • 4x Kunoichi
  • 4x Yajiri
  • 6x Kaiken

Cards Edit

Hero Cards

-Classic Monster Cards-
Mini-Boss Cards

  • Oni Classic Mini-Boss Card

Monster Cards

-Arcade Monster Cards-
Mini-Boss Cards

  • Oni Arcade Mini-Boss Card

Monster Cards

-Items and Other Cards-
Reference Card

  • Elemental Affinity

 Notes Edit

There are 2 sets of each monsters in this box

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