Even under the just rule of the Von Wildings, the Glauerdoom Moor was never a forgiving land. Under the curse of the vampire lord, Von Drakk it is a deadly one. The land has grown sick. The once healthy moors and wetlands have become disease infested, their ancient burial grounds disturbed by grave robbers, witches, and dark creatures. The miserable inhabitants lead miserable lives, knowing that even death will not release them from their service.

 Models Edit

  • 1x Survivor Marie-Claude
  • 1x Mr. Bitey
  • 1x Gruesome George
  • 2x Grabby House
  • 1x Shamble Priest
  • 2x Prowler
  • 2x Pudge
  • 6x Swampie

Cards Edit

Hero Cards

Pet Cards 

  • Mr. Bitey Pet Card (Forgotten King Edition)

-Classic Monster Cards-
Mini-Boss Cards

Monster Cards

-Arcade Monster Cards-
Mini-Boss Cards

Monster Cards

-Items and Other Cards-
Treasure Cards

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