The original Super Dungeon Explore had 12 status effects, many of which saw little use or were very similar in effect. Sodapop Miniatures decided to streamline the status effects, bringing the total down to seven, so that there are not quite as many to remember and so that each one feels distinct and useful. 

1b9fd87b255823d456f5485191c2a683 original
Poison: A model suffering Poison reduces its total number of action points by one.
F8595716b7ecedb3a99d9c813162a74f original
Slow: A model suffering Slow halves its Movement, rounding up.
Ae131bc4cf3ac28798175e6754bce649 original
FireA model suffering Fire suffers one wound during its upkeep.
077802fed68b0f9cdd6ccc3428801339 original
KnockdownA model suffering Knockdown may not move or perform any other action until it spends all of its action points OR all of its movement points to remove the Knockdown counter.
5f532d0c8c299e5c256bdc83342a7d6f original
Ice: A model suffering Ice may not use unique actions.
Ea617b141d665402fd842e0dc1572579 original
Hex: A model suffering Curse discards the highest result rolled anytime it makes a defense roll.
25af87490e974a8c7232f2b14c2db439 original
BaneA model suffering Bane discards the highest result rolled anytime it makes an offense roll.

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