• Bamf! (1): Wave 2, Smoke
  • Briar Armor(1): Backlash
  • Dragon Rage(1): Augment. Aura 3, All Kobolds gain +1B Att
  • Dwarven Curse (2): Wave 3, Pull 3, ATT vs. WILL
  • Herbalist(1): Augment, Range 6, Remedy
  • Iron Halo(1): Augment, Aura3, +1B ARM
  • Shadow Breath (2): Augment. Aura 5, All Kobolds gain Stealth
  • Shapeshift (1): Deeproot Druid
  • Shapeshift (1): Angry Bear
  • Sheidwall (1): Augment, Aura 1, +1B ARM
  • Smoke Pot (1): Burst 1, Smoke
  • Vending Machine (2): Augment, Range 6. Remove a single potion counter from Candy’s card and place it on target Hero’s card.

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