Specials 3
Every Hero and Monster in Super Dungeon Explore has special rules; whether they be special abilities, special actions or special attacks. The rulebook even states that there are far to many rules to cover within its pages, so that players should reference the rules on each heros/monsters card. These special rules can currently be broken down into three categores: Special Abilities, Special attacks and Special Actions.

Abilities - Special abilites are noted below the illustration of the hero/monster. These are abilities that are always in effect, regardless if the hero/monster is using a special attack.

Attack Action - Special Attacks are denoted by the Red Button Icon. These actions are considered attacks and require a succesful roll to go into effect. Remember that specail attacks also retain any Special abilities that a hero/monster has in additon to those listed after the Special attack itself.

Support Action - Support Special Actions are denoted by the Blue Button Icon. These actions do not typcially require you to roll dice to perform, as they are not attacks, but instead augements or auras that help the model and/or its allies.

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