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Chapter Houses for the Order of Light can be found throughout Crystalia. From their hallowed halls paladins, priests, and slayers are trained to bring light to the dark corners of Crystalia. Sisters of Light are drawn from the order's orphans who have lost their loved ones to the creatures of the night. Their unique experiences give them not only the strength to seek vengeance but the empathy to assist others in need.

Stats Edit

Gameplay Edit

She starts off with a nice sturdy STR of 2 red. When facing the undead menace (or demons and nether monsters) her Holy ability allows her to reroll one of her dice when making an offense roll. Those red dice roll potions, but thanks to her Healer ability, she can choose to have them be hearts instead, healing Heroes in need.

Speaking of healing, Purification is one of the best healing unique actions in the game. For a bargain basement price of 1 action point this ability will Heal one wound from every friendly model in a 2 square cross pattern. Thats 8 squares of coverage per action point. Wow!

Her ARM is a solid, if not exceptional 3 blue and provides a nice base to build on with loot. Of note is her WILL of 2 red. She doesn’t have any combat abilities that use WILL, such as Magic Attack, but it is useful for using WILL based basic actions, such as Bandage, and fending of support actions that often target WILL, such as Compel.

Judgement is an offensive action that costs two action points, and hits in a cross pattern 4 squares on each side of her, covering an incredible 16 total squares! To add insult to injury, it also inflicts the status effect, Hex, which forces monsters to discard their highest dice on offense rolls.

Like Marie-Claude, the Sister of Light can carry two potions. Elixir of Light is definitely meant to be shared. It removes all status effects, thanks to Remedy. It also gives the drinker Holy. Finally, it bumps the WILL by +1 blue dice; fantastic for all the reasons the Sister’s high WILL is useful, and deadly when given to a magic user. We love a Holy Fae Alchemist, or Holy Ember Mage!

Available Through Edit

Von Drakk Manor

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