Given life by cackling hedge wizards and village crones, Scarecrows are charged with protecting both village and farm from the predation of the Dark Consul's monsters.



Stats: Scarecrow has high offense of 2B1R STR with melee range 2 and above average defense of 2R WILL. He has Fixable, which allows him to remove two wounds when using the Bandage basic action in the Forgotten King ruleset. He has Flammable, which causes him to suffer Fire whenever targeted by an action that inflicts Fire, even if he successfully defends.

Fixable does not have any effect in SDE 2.0 as Bandage was removed as a basic action. Flammable's weakness is also reduced in SDE 2.0 as status effects are removed at the end of a model's activation.

Abilities: Harvest Scythe deals an AOE melee Sweep 3 attack that inflicts Slow.

Bumper Crop is a support action that Heals 2 allies in Wave 1, including the Scarecrow himself.

Potion: Pumpkin Bomb is a Dangerous support potion with range 6 Burst 1 that inflicts Fire on a successful WILL vs DEX roll. As the Scarecrow is Flammable, the party will ideally avoid using the Pumpkin Bomb near him as he will always suffer Fire.





Alternate Profile

Jack Scarecrow

Available Through

Jack Scarecrow Expansion