Royal Warden
The world of Crystalia is vast and wild. Its citizens are spread throughout many realms, each with their own living conditions and cultures. It is the duty of the Royal Wardens to maintain the King's peace along the roads, trails, and wilderness that bind the Kingdom together. These rugged and hardy individuals travel the realms fighting brigands, tracking down fugitives, and collecting the King's taxes. Hailed as both Hero and Villain, there are a few servants of the Kingdom as iconic as the doughty Warden.

Stats Edit

Gameplay Edit

Tips: One of the more diverse Heroes, the Royal Warden can leverage three different attributes: STR, ARM, and DEX. This can make him an excellent all around character that can use a wide variety of loot. Or allows him to specialize down one path, if another Hero in the party needs loot that only affects one particular attribute.

His STR is a solid 3 blue with a melee range of 1 square. The unique offensive action Tax Collector is a melee action and grants him +1R STR. It also allows him to draw a loot, even if the action does not destroy a model!

The potion, Bound by Law grants the Hero who drinks it a blue support action with a range of 6 squares. The Hero and target make offense and defense rolls, each using their STR. If the Hero wins the target is Immobile, which prevents them from moving during their next activation.

The Royal Warden's ARM is also 3 blue. Plus, he gains an extra boost to survivability thanks to Tough, which allows him to remove one wound every activation.

A DEX of 2 blue is deceptive. It makes him poor when using DEX based basic actions like, Pick Locks, but the Royal Warden is about combat. Using the unique offensive action, Crossbow grants the Warden a range 6 Missile attack, with +1 blue DEX. That's right, he attacks with 3 blue using DEX as well. When monsters are trying to get away from him he can bump up his DEX even more with Arrest Warrant which grants him an improved +1 red DEX and also pulls the target 6 squares.

 Available Through Edit

Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King

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