Lord of the Fire Flows, Roxor, seeks to create a molten paradise for his elemental brethren. Harboring no empathy for the "soft" races he readily allies himself with the Dark Consul so long as their goals converge.

ADVENTURE EFFECTS All dungeon bosses come with an Adventure Effect that is unique to them. These provide thematic effects that slightly alter how a game is played.

Dungeon Effect

Boss Fight Effect For Boss Fight effects, Roxor causes Tremors on all Heroes when he arrives, inflicting Slow.

Timeout Effect When reduced to half his starting number of wounds Earthquake causes all Heroes to suffer Knockdown.

Rockin' Roxor Form

Rockin Roxor

Rockin' Roxor: Classic Mode

  • Race: Elemental Boss
  • Abilities: Immune: Status Effects, Burrow, Shapeshift(Ragin' Roxor)
  • Ofensive Actions: Minion Toss, Cave In
  • Platform: Super
  • Speed: 6
  • Actions: 4
  • Attack: 2+2R
  • Armor: 2+2R1G
  • Will: 2B1R
  • Dex: 1B
  • Health: 8
  • Skull value: 4

While his STR of 2 red and 2 stars is solid, Rockin' Roxor is all about defense. A beefy ARM of 1 green, 2 red, and 2 stars repels most attacks. Paired with his Immune: Status Effects ability, Rockin' Roxor ensures Heroes have to fight for every single wound.

Roxor isn't a fast boss but his Burrow ability allows him to ignore walls, structures, difficult terrain, and enemy models when moving, making him surprisingly hard to escape.

Rockin' Roxor has two unique offensive actions. Minion Toss allow Roxor to throw one friendly model at another model up to 6 squares away. As soon as the thrown model makes contact with another model (friendly or enemy) the model stops and deals damage to all the models it hit. How much damage? 1 blue dice per square that the model moved, so up to 6 blue! Ouch.

Cave In is a melee offensive action that can target a model 6 squares away, hitting the target and every model within 2 squares. Since it is an offensive action, if it wounds them it also inflicts the status effect Knockdown.

Ragin' Roxor Form

Ragin Roxor

Ragin' Roxor: Classic Mode

  • Race: Shapeshift
  • Abilities: Fire, Immune: Fire, Shapeshift: Rockin' Roxor
  • Ofensive Actions: Volcano, Molten Steel
  • Platform: Super
  • Speed: 6
  • Actions: 4
  • Attack: 2B2R1G
  • Armor: 2B2R
  • Will: 2B1R
  • Dex: 2B
  • Health: 8
  • Skull value: 4

Ragin' Roxor is all about offensive output. His STR moves up to 2 blue, 2 red, and 1 green which packs a hefty punch that is augmented by the ability Fire. However, his ARM takes a hit, becoming 2 blue and 2 red and his immunity is moved to only Immune: Fire.

Ragin' Roxor gets a new suite of offensive actions as well. Volcano is a Wave 3 offensive action hitting every model within 3 squares of Roxor—60 squares—wow!

Molten Steel is another melee offensive action with a range of 6 squares that increases Roxor's STR by another +1 red and inflicts the debilitating status effect Hex. Hex, you'll recall, forces Heroes to discard the highest result rolled on an offense roll, making it much harder for a Hero to hurt monsters. Mwhahahaha

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