Type: Support Action

Cost: 3 Action Points

Effect: Augment, After every movement point spent, immediately make one Melee Attack, Barbarian´s ARM is reduced to 1B until her next activiation, and may not be increased by equipment. Berserk may not be used.

Models currently with this unique action:


A unique action that behaves slightly different than others.  Rather than having a single effect, it transforms normal movement into a series of one square movement/melee attack combinations.  For each movement there is an option to make a single melee attack (if there is a target in range).  Any attacks that are not taken after a single square of movement are lost.  The model can move back to squares that it has previously occupied, so it could theoretically move between the same two squares for all of its movement, in the so called "sawtooth" manuver and attack once for each square (6 attacks for the Claw Tribe Barbarian).  The attack also comes with a price: it reduces the model's base defense to 1B (from 3B), negates ARM bonuses from items and prevents it from using Berserk on that round.