Filled with deep empathy and a caring spirit, Ruby has always shied away from the barbarity of combat. She is determined to see the Prophecy of Five fulfilled, and feels the loss of her sister Amethyst keenly. Joining parties of Heroes to follow clues and rumors of her missing sister, she lends her considerable magical skills to strengthen their arms, fortify their minds, and heal their wounds.

Stats Edit

Gameplay Edit

Strategy: This girl is really a Peach, if you get my drift, but not terribly useful at directly dispatching foes. Most of her time will be spent putting ATT and WILL buffs on her companions and healing them (if she dares to get within range for a kiss). Her potion has great meta-game potential and should not be overlooked. At least she is quick to get out of the way of attacks with her respectable Dodge ability and has a reasonable magic range (still not far enough away to protect her from a stray turtle shell).

Available Through Edit

Caverns of Roxor

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