Packs of Truffle Pigs patrol the edges of Kinoko territory, guarding the playful forest spirits from harm. When invaders are found great squeals of anger echo through the forest as the Truffle Pigs charge.

Stats Edit

  • Type: Arcade Elite Gang
  • Action Points (Solo/Gang): 1/1
  • Strength (Solo/Gang): 2/3
  • Range (Solo/Gang): 2/3
  • Truffle Pig
    • Elite Type: Pig Elite
    • Elite Movement Points: 6
    • Elite Hearts: 2
    • Elite Armor: 2
    • Elite Abilities: Knockdown
    • Elite Unique Actions: Funky Fungus Sniffer
  • Bonded Truffle Pig
    • Bonded Type: Pig Elite
    • Bonded Movement Points: 6
    • Bonded Hearts: 2
    • Bonded Armor: 2
    • Bonded Abilities: None
    • Bonded Unique Actions: Tusker Charge
  • Spawning Point: Fungal Growth

Gameplay Edit

[Dummy Text] 

Available Through Edit

Emerald Valley Warband

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