Hero rc one shot
With the crack of her rifle and the smell of gunpowder, One Shot brings her signature ranged warfare into Super Dungeon Explore with deadly effect. Terrified monsters flee in panic, but they can't run fast enough. One Shot has them in her sights!



Tips: One Shot is a very straight forward Hero- shoot everything!

Running off of a DEX of 2 red and a missile range of 8 squares, not much can hide from One Shot.

Daystar gives One Shot a Lance 8 area effect, hitting every model in a line 8 squares long. For extra umph it also pushes them 3 squares, allowing her to clear out choke points and push models into hazardous tile effects.

Focused Shot is cracks high defense targets with a single bump of +3 blue Dex. Pow!

Her potion Fritz can increase One Shot's (or any missile Hero's) DEX even further by +1 blue and granting them the ability Knockdown.

Available Through

One Shot Expansion