Nether assassin
Once the Nether Elves were devoted servants of the Deeproot Tree. Long exposure to the Nether Rifts and the Dark Consul's influence warped them into sinister soldiers of evil. Occasionally, a Nether Elf will spend a prolonged time away from the Rifts, and the influence of the Dark Consul will lessen. Some even come to realize the cursed path their race has taken and seek to redeem themselves in renewed service to the Deeproot Tree.

Stats Edit

  • Type: Nether Elf Hero
  • Crystal Affinity: Emerald
  • Abilities: Poison, Surefoot, Stealth
  • Unique Actions: Hex Bolt
  • Potions: Nether Ash
  • Movement Points: 7
  • Action Points: 3
  • Strength: 1B1R (Melee Attack, Range 1)
  • Armor: 3B (Defense)
  • Willpower: 3B
  • Dexterity: 2R (Missile Attack, Range 6)
  • Hearts: 5
  • Potion Quantity: 1

Gameplay Edit

While Kaelli is good at status effects with Poison natively and Hex Bolt (+1W DEX Hex AP2), and is a fine thief with Move 7 and Surefoot, what makes her a solid team player is Nether Ash: the Emergency Potion that reduces the Range of any attacks on the model to 1. A lot of Bosses and Minibosses rely on that Range 2 to reach the squishier Heroes, and she can shut that down. 

Alternate Profile Edit

Kaelly the Nether Strider

Available Through Edit

Kaelly the Nether Strider Expansion

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