Mistmourn Shaman
Runts born to the troll tribes are left in the mist to be claimed by the fickle faeries of the Mistmourn Coast. Most perish, but a rare few are adopted by the fae. Viewed with equal parts fear and respect by the tribes that abandoned them; many of these shamans are as fickle as the fae that reared them, bringing blessings to the tribe one season only to curse them the next.

Stats Edit

Gameplay Edit

Tips: This diminutive troll has a poor STR of only 1 blue and 1 red. Fortunately, the Shaman isn't looking for a hand-to-hand fight.

A WILL of 3 blue powers a solid Magic Attack with a range of 6 squares. The unique offensive action, Outcast Pyre bumps up the range to 8 squares, while adding both a Burst area effect and the Fire status effect, allowing the Shaman to roast monsters who pack in too tight.

Ancestral Will is a great support action, costing only 1 action point it allows the Shaman to push monsters around the battlefield, knocking them out of position or into deadly tile effects.

The real strength of the Shaman is in his defensive capabilities. An ARM of 2 red puts him in line with some of the toughest frontline fighters, while Tough heals one wound every time he activates.

Spirit Burn is one of the more brutal support actions in the game, allowing the Shaman to grant Heroes the abilities Backlash and Fire. Backlash causes a wound to a model targeting the Hero whenever the Hero wins the defense roll. Fire, well, lights everyone on fire. Throwing Spirit Burn on a Hero tanked up with defensive loot makes a very bad day for the Consul.

The Shaman's potion Troll Heart is also one of the more powerful defensive potions in the game. This blue support potion costs 2 tokens and can only be used during the Hero Turn, but its Regenerate effect is a biggy, allowing the Hero to roll one blue dice for every wound token on their card and remove one token for each star rolled. Nice!

Available Through Edit

Mistmourn Coast Warband

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