Loot Cards make up the Loot Deck. For which cards come in which deck, please refer there.

As of Second Edition, six (6) loot cards may be exchanged for one (1) Treasure card.

List of Loot Cards

Adventurer Plate

Arcane Tome

Armored Assassin

Artificer Pistol

Beginner's Spellbook

Bent Nail

Berserker's Helm

Bladed Quarterstaff

Blazing Blade

Brass Knuckles

Broken Joystiq

Bubbly Beverage

Burnt Twig

Caltrop Dagger

Celestian Armbands

Celestian Tiara


Chainmail Coif

Chimeric Battleblade

Clockwork Canary

Corpse Hand

Coward's Boots

Crude Blunderbuss

Crystal Shard

Deadly Dirk

Diamond Helm

Diamond Plate

Diamond Shield

Dirty Penny

Dragon Tooth Shortbow

Drunken Dwarf Plate

Duelist's Tunic

Dungeon Map

Dwarf Runestone

Dwarven Axe

Dwarven Doublet

Dwarven Helm

Dwarven Horn

Elfin Boots

Elven Longbow

Elvish Boots

Elvish Bracelet

Elvish Cloak

Elvish Rapier

Empty Jar

Extra Pixels

Fashionable Cape

Fizzy Beverage

Freyjan Hairball

Frozen Falchion

Fur-Lined Gauntlets

Glass Hammer

Gleaming Breastplate

Gnomish Sticker

Granite Pendant

Hammer Pendant

Heart Container

Heart-Shaped Locket

Horned Helm

Horned Mace

Intimidating Axe

Iron Necklace

Itty-Bitty Wings

Kitty-Kat Charm

Kitty-Kat Cloak

Knight's Fullplate

Knight's Helm

Knight's Lance

Knit Cap

Lemon Peel


Makeshift Polearm

Molten Shield

Nether Crystal

Nether Elf Longsword

Ogre Mace

Ogre Skull

Old Bucket

Ordinary Brick

Ornate Battleaxe

Parrying Blade

Potion Bandolier

Potion Pouch

Priest Vestments

Reinforced Shirt

Resurrection Charm

Riftling Orb

Rugged Chainmail

Rune of Better Defense

Rune of Defense

Rune of Focus

Rune of Haste

Rune of Health

Rune of Meditation

Rune of Rage

Rune of Strength

Rune of Super Defense

Rune of the Lynx

Rune of the Ogre

Rune of the Panther

Rune of the Sage

Rune of the Stray

Rusty Gauntlets

Sapper's Axe

Secret Code

Serpent Plate

Serpent Sword

Silk Gloves

Silver Torq

Sneaky Stilletto

Sorcerer's Cowl

Sorcerer's Stave

Spiked Gauntlets


Square Shovel

Steel Gauntlets

Steel Sword

Sturdy Cloak

Sugar Rush Soda

Warrior Mail

Winged Crossbow

Witch Hat

Witch Robes

Witch Wand

Wizard Cowl

Wizard Ring

Wizard Wand

Wizarding Wand

Wizardling Robe

Wizard's Robes