Status Effect

A model affected by Immobile may not move during its next activation.

Note: Immobile does not prevent a model from using actions that Place the model and is not considered a Move. This includes actions such as Pounce, Charge, and Teleport. It does not prevent a model from using actions such as Retreat, but does prevent the movement portion of the action.

Immobile only prevents movement during the models next activation, so the model may still be moved using Control effects such as Pull, Push, Compel that move models outside of their activation and Distilled Stampede (unless it's the hero's activation with Immobile).

Knockdown vs Immobile: Knockdown and Immobile may feel very similar in that they can prevent a model from moving during their activation, but there are key differences. Knockdown is more of a mix between Immobile and Poison in that the model may choose to give up their movement OR an action point to remove Knockdown whereas Immobile and Poison do not give the model the option.

Likewise, unlike Knockdown, a model that is affected with Immobile may still perform actions whereas a model that is inflicted with Knockdown may not move or perform any actions or consul commands until they remove the Knockdown status effect. This can be very powerful in Arcade where Monsters are not guaranteed to Move every Consul activation and can help heroes prevent monsters from performing Consul Commands by inflicting Knockdown.

Knockdown also prevents a model from moving outside of their activation until the Knockdown status effect is removed.

Pile-on benefits from targeting Knockdown models and there is currently no parallel ability for Immobile models.

Finally, Knockdown and Immobile stack, preventing a model from using its movement to remove the Knockdown token, forcing them to spend an action point when possible.

SDE 2.0: Immobile became its own status effect in SDE 2.0. The effect was previously only listed on specific cards that could inflict Immobile. It may now be removed by Heal X/Remedy, but its effectiveness is the same as it always only lasted for the model's next activation.

Actions that cause this Status Effect:


As an ability, whenever the model deals damage, its attack also inflicts the Immobile Status Effect.

Models that Grant this Ability:

Equipment that grants this ability: