The heroes of Super Dungeon explore are represented by
Heroes super dungeon explore by michelle84-d3i5j1u-1-
highly stylized anime miniatures. Each hero represents a traditioal RPG Archetype, with unique attacks, powers, and abilities. It is essential that the players construct a team of heroes that support each other in order to be succesfull in the game.

Starter BoxEdit

The Super Dungeon Explore box set comes with the Following Heroes:

Caverns of RoxorEdit

Von Drakk ManorEdit

Forgotten KingEdit

Mistmourn CoastEdit

Emerald Valley Edit

Claws of the Wyrm Edit

Stilt Town Zombies Edit

Dark Heroes Edit

  • Bearstruck Druid
  • Cursed Captain
  • Dark Centurion
  • Deeproot Treant
  • Nether Assassin
  • Outcast Succubus
  • Scarecrow
  • Wyrm Claw Exemplar
  • Wyrm Claw Templar

Limited EditionEdit

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