The Emerald Dragon, Glimmerwing, is reclusive by even dragon standards. Sharing kinship with the faerie of the Fae Wood, she wraps her Emerald Valley in concealing glamors and deceptive illusions to keep over-enthusiastic Heroes from discovering her sanctuary.

Classic Stats

Arcade Stats


Classic Mode

Glimmerwing is nasty. Movement 8 and Fly keeps her out of reach, and she has a solid AOE in Breath of Dream (Lance 6 slow AP2), but what makes her truly brutal is Fae Curse (Range 6 WILL v WILL Hex Bane AP1) both of which she is also Immune to. Lastly, Verdant Maze (Range 6 WILL v WILL Compel 6) makes her even harder to reach. Her only real problem is when she goes against high WILL Heroes, but that's not enough to knock her down from her notch as a top Mini-boss. 

Arcade Mode

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Available Through

Emerald Valley Warband