The Dark Consul has created spawning points throughout the dungeon that will create hordes of monsters to ravage Crystalia. The Heroes must journey through the dungeon and destroy all of the spawning points in order to summon and defeat the dreaded dungeon boss. The Consul must destroy all of the Heroes before they succeed.

Over the course of a game the Heroes and Consul take turns activating models. As monsters are destroyed the Consul will spawn reinforcements from spawning points. This power is not to be used lightly. Each spawning point only has a finite amount of power and every spawn will drain its energy. The heroes will attempt to hasten the spawning point´s destruction with all their skill and strength.

When each spawning point is destroyed a powerful mini-boss will spawn. One by one the Heroes will seek to defeat these monsters to earn loot, treasure, and valuable princess coins. Once the last spawning point is destroyed the dungeon boss will spawn and an epic battle for the fate of Crystalia will commence.

For more information, reference the Rules.