In Super Dungeon Explore, the players and the Consul design the dungeon. After the dungeon has been laid out, the consul then must setup the spawn points and treasure chests. there are rules governing how these may be laid out however. The rules talk about Tiles, Rooms, and Hallways. Tiles are the actual boards themselves (5 supplied in the main box). Each of these are double-sided and the player/consul decide which side to use.


Rooms are a little more ambiguous. On some of the tiles, there are very clearly laid out rooms, on others, it appears as if almost the entire tile is a single room. Below is a link to a set of pictures, designed to show what count as rooms for Super Dungeon Explore. A PDF version of these tiles can be found HERE.


Hallways can be a little problematic to understand as well, b
ut are not confusing at all once you understand them. Hallways are the areas adjacent to the area where the boards connect. So essentially, hallways are the 4 squares (two on each tile) where the boards touch. Currently this is in the middle of each board side.

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