Kinoko are naturally curious and playful creatures - though not particularly complex. Most kinoko are happy to bounce through the forest whistling and singing. They are especially fond of spinning in circles until dizzy, whereupon they collapse in a fit of giggles.

Stats Edit

  • Type: Arcade Gang
  • Action Points (Solo/Gang): 1/3
  • Strength (Solo/Gang): 2/2
  • Range (Solo/Gang): 2/3
  • Okoshroom
    • Elite Type: Kinoko Elite
    • Elite Movement Points: 5
    • Elite Hearts: 4
    • Elite Armor: 2
    • Elite Abilities: Soporific, Spongy
    • Elite Unique Actions: Whirling Shitake
  • Bonded Kinoshroom
    • Bonded Type: Kinoko Minion
    • Bonded Movement Points: 5
    • Bonded Hearts: 1
    • Bonded Armor: 1
    • Bonded Abilities: Soporific, Spongy
    • Bonded Unique Actions: None
  • Spawning Point: Fungal Growth

Gameplay Edit

[Dummy Text] 

Available Through Edit

Emerald Valley Warband

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