Many young kobolds emerge from their warrens having learned how to hunt bats and other denizens with nothing more than a strip of drakegut and a pouch full of stones. Deadly accurate, they launch small clay pots of flaming lamp oil or inky smoke bombs to conceal their movement.

Stats Edit

  • Type: Kobold
  • Crystal Affinity: Emerald
  • Abilities: Mob
  • Unique Actions: Hot Pot, Smoke Pot
  • Movement Points: 7
  • Action Points: 1
  • Strength: 2B (Melee Attack, Range 1)
  • Armor: 0 (Defense)
  • Willpower: 2B
  • Dexterity: 1B1R (Missile Attack, Range 6)
  • Hearts: 1
  • Skull Points: 1
  • Monster Platform: 8 Bit
  • Spawning Point: Kobold Warrens

Gameplay Edit

Does two things: fling Hot Pot (Range6 +1B DEX Fire) which changes the math on a DEX attack to (2.5) or Smoke Pot (Aura2 Stealth). 

Available Through Edit

Super Dungeon Explore: 1st Edition

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