Card fae alchemist
Quick-minded and curious, Fae Alchemists travel throughout Crystalia searching for obscure ingredients and reagents for their alchemical concoctions. Highly regarded by all Heroes, Fae Alchemists are in constant demand. Their potent potions can easily turn the tide of any battle.

Stats Edit

Gameplay Edit

Like all elves the Fae Alchemist has Speed 7 making her one step quicker than most Heroes. 

She may use either her STR or her WILL for attacks but WILL is the clear winner with its 2 red dice. Not only are red dice numerically superior to blue dice but they have the ability to roll potions. Something the Alchemist clearly loves. Indeed she can carry an impressive 3 potion tokens!

Looking at her abilities she has two signature abilities Alchemy and Potion Master. Alchemy allows her to turn any hearts rolled into potions. This ability is not just for her, she can use it on any Hero's roll! It's safe to say a party with an Alchemist around is going to be well stocked in potions, even if it is at the expense of healing hearts. Potion Master allows her to use two potions during her activation instead of the standard one. A handy ability when you have so many!

Waldmeister Syrup is a solid offensive potion. Its Range 6 is noticeable not just for allowing an attack from 6 squares away, but for the fact that it is not tied to a specific offense attribute. This means you may use any attribute with a combat icon when using it, making it a useful potion for any character to drink. The Compel 3 is a handy board control ability to move monsters where you need them.

Secret Ingredient provides a powerful green dice to a Hero's next dice roll. Since it is a blue support potion and can only be used during a Hero's activation, the roll is most often going to be an offense roll. However, a cunning Hero can drink it at the end of their activation, trusting that their next dice roll will be a defense roll during the Consul's turn. Handy if they suspect the monsters are gunning for them.

Experimental Concoction is the Fae Alchemist's signature potion and is only drinkable by her. It allows her to draw two treasure cards, choose one and then shuffle the other back into the deck. The Alchemist then gains all of the abilities of the chosen treasure card until the beginning of her next activation, when the card is discarded. 

This ability is useful in two ways. First, treasure cards are powerful. Gaining their abilities can really make the Alchemist incredibly potent for a short time. Second, it lets the Hero's sift through the treasure deck. As long as the Alchemist isn't being greedy she can take temporary benefit from treasure cards that are not as useful to the party, while thinning the deck making it more likely the party draws ones that are. Of course the downside is sometimes she'll draw two "perfect" pieces of treasure for other Heroes, and one of them will get discarded. Ah the hazards of experimental Alchemy.

The Fae Alchemist is a powerful support character. Her Alchemy ability alone can make her a worthwhile addition to a party by keeping it well stocked in potions. Beyond that her Magic ability, while shorter ranged than other magic based Heroes, is nonetheless formidable. Experimental Concoction is both an excellent tool and occasionally makes her insanely powerful. While the two potions she may share are versatile enough to be used by any Hero.

Alternate Profile Edit

Deranged Alchemist

Available Through Edit

Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King

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