Drawn loot and treasure cards are called equipment.

The party may draw one card from the Loot Deck for every elite or minion monster destroyed during the turn, up to a maximum of three cards.

The party may draw one card from the Treasure Deck for each mini-boss or boo booty destroyed. See Boo Booty.

The party may not draw loot cards for monsters that were destroyed during the Consul Turn (such as from (fire effect icon) Fire or Backlash) or that possess the Insignificant ability. Treasure for destroying mini-bosses may be drawn as normal, regardless of whose turn it was when they were destroyed.

Each Hero has four colored-crystal equipment slots along the edge of their card: Ruby, Citrine, Emerald, and Sapphire. each equipment card has a corresponding crystal color indicating the slot to wich they can be equipped.

Tuck the equipment card underneath the Hero card until the matching crystals touch and only the name and abilities of the equipment is showing. The Hero gains all the abilities and bonuses listed on the equipment exactly as though they were printed on the models´s card.

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