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Wherever a dragon makes its lair its draconic kin, drakes, are sure to be found. Territorial and savage these lesser beasts submit entirely to the will of the dragon. In exchange for the dragon's protection the drakes serve as the dragon's eyes, ears, and faithful guards.

When hunting dragons, Heroes inevitably have to make their way through hordes of drakes that throw themselves in the path of the Heroes. Larger drakes attempt to drag their foes to the ground so smaller hatchlings can swarm over their helpless prey. Above, elder wyrmlings swoop and dart, spitting fire at invaders.

Classic Stats Edit

Arcade Stats Edit

  • Type: Spawning Point
  • Crystal Affinity: Citrine
  • Abilities: Immune: All, Quick Hatch
  • Armour: 1 (Defense)
  • Hearts: 3
  • Spawning Pool
    • 2x Wyrmling
    • 2x Whelp
    • 2x Hatchlings

Gameplay Edit

Classic Mode Edit

They can spit fire with Flame Burst (Range6 Burst1 STR Fire AP2), or set up more Pile On attacks with Dive Bomb (+1R STR Knockdown AP2), which is frighteningly strong even late-game. Also, Wyrmlings possess Fly.

Arcade Mode Edit

[insert tips for play]

Available Through Edit

Super Dungeon Explore: 1st Edition

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