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The Dragon Call saw the Lunar Elf civilization razed to the ground, consumed by an inferno of dragon fire. Scattered to the wind, the Lunar Elves attempted to begin their lives anew as strangers among the other civilizations and peoples of Crystalia. For some however, the sorrow of their loss was too much to bear. Bitter tears became grim resolve to see the ruin brought upon the Lunar Elves returned to all dragonkind tenfold. Consumed by vengeance, the Dragon Blades were born. Dedicating their life to the destruction of all that is draconic, Dragon Blades are bleak individuals, driven by a single purpose to the exclusion of all else.

Stats Edit

Gameplay Edit

Given their background, it is no surprise then that Dragon Blades are all about destroying multiple wound models and hard to crack targets.

Dragon Blades have sturdy basic attributes with a STR of 3 blue and and ARM of 2 blue 1 red. It is also important to note that they have high WILL and DEX, allowing them to resist an assortment of unique abilities and traps. Immune: Fire adds to this all around defensive capability.

When facing a difficult foe the Dragon Blade can resort to two unique offensive actions. Head Chopper grants an all powerful green dice. Perfect for high defense monsters. 

Dragon Slayer is an end game sort of offensive action, allowing a well equipped Dragon Blade to inflict one wound for every star the offense roll exceeds the defense roll. Costing three action points Dragon Slayer is a bit of a gamble, but when it pays off—watch out!

All of these actions are further augmented thanks to Dragon Spite, which allows the Dragon Blade to reroll a single dice when making offensive actions against dragon, drake, or kobold models.

Adding to the Dragon Blade's deadly payload is its offensive potion Bottled Dragon Breath. This potion creates a Sweep 2 area effect, hitting 6 squares, and inflicts the status effect Fire. Like most offensive potions you need to be careful though, because it is Dangerous and hurts friend and foe alike!

Available Through Edit

Claws of the Wyrm Warband

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