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Deeproot Druid

Sacred guardians of the Deeproot Tree, druids are fierce defenders of their revered realm. Powerful wielders of magic, and masters of both naural poisons and the healing arts, druids are cunning adversaries. Many can even assume animal forms when doing battle. Often when all else has failed, animal rage can overcome.

Stats Edit

  • Type: Half-Elf
  • Crystal Affinity:
  • Abilities: Poison, Immune: Poison, Shapeshift: Angry Bear
  • Unique Actions: Stranglethorn, Briar Armor
  • Potions: Nourishing Berries
  • Movement Points: 7
  • Action Points: 3
  • Strength: 3B (Basic attack, range 1)
  • Armor: 1B1R (Defense)
  • Willpower: 3B (Basic attack, range 6)
  • Dexterity: 1B1R
  • Hearts: 5
  • Potion Quantity: 1

Gameplay Edit

Tips: In normal form, he can give himself backlash, and if his armor is boosted, can prevent you from relying on his bear form.

Available Through Edit

Super Dungeon Explore: 1st Edition

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