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Where the Fae Wood meets the Glauerdoom Moor is a particularly dread location. Here, the trees bend and twist, the branches clasping and tearing at any who pass. Beneath these wicked boughs the are the Cursed Knights of the Moorlands. Forsaking the Forgotten King, these twisted Chimera have fallen under the thrall of the dragon Nightsong the Eternal. Vicious and brutal, they enact their undead Lord’s will with unflinching cruelty.

Classic Stats

Monster Platform: Start

Arcade Stats

  • Type: Spawning Point
  • Crystal Affinity: Emerald
  • Abilities: Immune: All, Hex Aura
  • Armour: 1 (Defense)
  • Hearts: 3
  • Spawning Pool
  • 1x Grobbit Deathlord
  • 4x Moorland Militia
  • 2x Skull Squawk


Classic Mode

The Cursed Knight is an alternative profile for the Bramble Knight spawning point. The Cursed Knight features the standard slate of spawning point attributes. However, it's Hex Aura special ability sets it apart. Inflicting Hex on Heroes which stray too close. 

Arcade Mode

[insert tips for play]

 Alternate Profile

Bramble Knight

Bandit Knight

Available Through

Super Dungeon Explore: 2nd Edition