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The Cult of the Burning Star worships Starfire as not only their king but as a fiery deity of destruction. It is the Claws of the Wyrm who enforce the Dragon Priests’ order among the unruly masses of Kobolds and bring death to their enemies.

Claw Trainers are bestowed the honor of guiding Starfire’s brood of drakes into battle. With their barking commands and the crack of their whips the drakes are brought to new heights of savagery.

Black Claw Assassins are feared by Hero and monster alike. They excel at blending in with the seething mob of kobolds, springing out to deliver their lethal strike.

Most revered of all are the Wyrm Claw Templars. These elevated Ironscales are granted mighty draconic steeds and thick armor. Their ferocity and extraordinary skill at arms is legendary. Truly their threat is tempered only by the small number of kobolds that can rise to the challenge.

The Dragon Blades are sworn enemies to the Cult of the Burning Claw. These enigmatic figures are always solitary and only found in areas where draconic creatures make their homes. They are ruthless combatants against any foe but take particular relish when faced with their most hated foes—dragons.

Ser Sharpclaw (Mini-Boss)Edit

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This mini-boss sprints into battle with 8 movement points and the ability Surefoot. Combined with a melee range of 3 squares, it is hard to stay out of his reach.

A stout ARM of 2 red and 1 star make him a difficult adversary to bring down. But Sharpclaw is about offense, with a STR of 3 red and 1 star.

Onslaught provides Sharpclaw with a small area effect, that shouldn't be underestimated, since his large base makes it cover 6 squares. Its Push ability helps move Heroes out of position and into the jaws of other minions.

Chomp! Crunch! increases Sharpclaw's, already formidable STR, by +1 red and causes the status effect Bane. As a refresher, Bane force a model to discard the highest result rolled anytime it makes a defense roll. A horrible fate when Sharpclaw's highlight ability Savage is considered.

Savage grants all minions within 1 square of Sharpclaw +1 star to the STR. Imagine a phalanx of Kobold's hopped up from a Dragon Priest's Dragon Rage, Sharpclaw's Savage, and Mob. Just let that sink in. Yaaaaa.

Claw Shrine (Spawning Point)Edit

Image and details missing.

Black Claw Assassin (Elite) Edit

Black claw assassin

Claw Trainer (Elite) Edit

Claw trainer

Drake Hound (Minion) Edit

Drake hound

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