• Backlash: If a model with Backlash exceeds an attack roll with their defense roll the attacker takes one wound. Wounds caused by Backlash do not advance the Power Gauge.
  • Berserk: During its activation a model with Berserk may make a single melee attack costing no action points.
  • Boo!: You may not spawn Boo Booty, Boo Booty may only enter play when the Boo Booty relic card is drawn from the Treasure Deck.
  • Cola: Once per activation roll 1B. For every star rolled place a potion counter on Candy’s card.
  • Dodge: A model with Dodge may use their DEX when making defense rolls unless they are suffering from Knockdown, Immobile, or Slow.
  • Heal X: A model affected by Heal may remove a number of wound counters or a number of status effect counters equal to the value of X.
  • Healer:When a model with Healer rolls a Heart on an attack roll they gain two Hearts instead of one if they successfully inflict a wound.
  • Holy: A model with Holy may reroll a single dice when making an attack roll versus undead or demons.
  • Luck: A model with Luck may gain a Potion instead of a Heart when rolled on the dice and vice versa. In addition, when opening a treasure chest they may draw two cards from the treasure deck and equip one, discarding the other.
  • Massive Damage: When an attack with Massive Damage inflicts a wound it instead inflicts two wounds.
  • Mob: Add +1B ATT to this model’s melee attack for every other model with Mob in melee with the target,Up to +3B ATT.
  • Remedy: A model affected by Remedy may immediately remove all Status Effect counters.
  • Smoke: Squares affected by Smoke block line of sight. Models within a square affected by Smoke are considered to have Stealth.
  • Stealth: When a model with Stealth is targeted by a ranged effect they may immediately make a DEX roll. Subtract the number of stars rolled from the attackers range. If the roll causes the attacker to be out of range the attack is considered to have failed.
  • Sturdy: A model with Sturdy may only be damaged by melee attacks.
  • Teleport: A model that Teleports may move to any empty square within ten squares and line of sight of their current square.
  • Tough: At the beginning of their activation a model with Tough may remove a single wound counter before Status Effects are resolved.

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