Born of fire, Burning Gels prefer to lurk in any fire they can find, hoping to ambush passersby. If no fire presents itself they are all too happy to start one themselves. More living fire than flesh-and-blood creature, the only way to actually extinguish a Burning Gel is to stop it into too many pieces for it to cause any more mischief.


  • Type: Elemental Slime Minion
  • Crystal Affinity: Ruby
  • Abilities: Fire, Immune: Fire, Splurt
  • Unique Actions: Splort
  • Movement Points: 6
  • Action Points: 2
  • Strength: 3B (Melee Attack, Range 1)
  • Armor: 0W (Defense)
  • Willpower: 3B (Magic Attack, Range 6)
  • Dexterity: 1B1R
  • Hearts: 1
  • Skull Points: 2
  • Monster Platform: 8 Bit
  • Spawning Point: Lava Whirl


Burning Gels have Fire and back up their Will with Splort (Range6 Burst1 +1R WILL AP2). They are also Large, and when they die two Fire Gels spawn adjacent. 

Available Through

Caverns of Roxor