During a model’s activation it may spend its action points to perform basic actions listed on the player’s reference card or unique actions listed on the model’s card or equipment.

The number on the action’s icon is how many action points the model must spend to perform the action.

A model may never spend more action points than it possesses. A model may perform the same action multiple times.

There are two types of action:

Red: offensive actions inflict a single wound if successful.

Blue: support actions do not inflict wounds. Instead they cause special effects to occur such as inflicting status effects on enemies or helping friendly models.

Basic Actions Edit

All models have access to a variety of basic actions.



  • Dash
  • Open Chest
  • Interact

Unique Actions Edit

Most models have access to Unique Actions as well, these actions reflects the Their class or personality.


List of all Unique Offensive Actions


List of all Unique Support Actions

Both basic actions and unique actions follow the same rules to perform. See: Action Points.

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