Every model has an affinity with one or more of the Goddes Crystals of Crystalia. A model may gain greater benefits from equipment or game effects if they share an affinity. Conversely, a model may suffer penalties if they do not share an affinity. Models with more than one affinity gain any bonuses or penalties if either one of the affinities match.

Equipment Affinity

If a piece of equipment has an affinity it will list both a standard bonus and an affinity bonus. Models whose own affinity matches the equipment’s gain the affinity bonus instead of the standard bonus. All other models use the standard bonus.

Each Hero has four colored-crystal equipment slots along the edge of their card: Citrine, Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphire. Each equipment card has a corresponding crystal color indicating the slot to which they can be equipped.

Tuck the equipment card underneath the Hero card until the matching crystals touch and only the name and abilities of the equipment is showing. The Hero gains all the abilities and bonuses listed on the equipment exactly as though they were printed on the model’s card.

Affinity Combinations:

If a model has affinity with two colors they benefit or suffer the effects of the affinity if either of the colors match.