One Use Only. When a model with 9 Lives takes their last wound, immediately roll 1R. Remove one wound counter for every star rolled. If no stars are rolled, the model is destroyed.

Note: 9 Lives may be used once. It has not been clarified if this is once per game or once per model spawn. Agree with your playgroup how often 9 Lives may be used. If considered once per game, then a player may choose to respawn a duplicate of the hero to reset 9 Lives, but then, as usual, must discard all equipment/loot/tokens, etc. from their current hero.

9 Lives is not a Heal action and does not remove status effects.

1 Red dice has the following stats for 9 Lives:

  • 33.3% chance of rolling 0 stars (model is still defeated)
  • 66.7% chance of rolling 1+ star (remove 1+ wounds)
  • 33.3% chance of rolling 1 star (remove 1 wound)
  • 12.67% chance of rolling 2 star (remove 2 wounds)
  • 12.67% chance of rolling 3 star (remove 3 wounds)

Models currently with this ability: